Our Impact



The New Orleans Breastfeeding Center provides high quality, holistic, and evidence-based lactation and infant feeding support to families in the New Orleans metro area, and surrounding parishes. Our team of Infant Feeding Specialists provide dyadic lactation assessment, family-centered education, infant feeding classes, parent support groups, and infant feeding supplies, to pregnant and parenting families.

We close the gap in local breastfeeding support and build the bridge for continuity of breastfeeding care in our region. We decrease infant and maternal morbidity and mortality rates in our communities, especially among African American families, by increasing breastfeeding initiation, longevity, and exclusivity, and by promoting healthy feeding and healthy relationships, regardless of feeding type.

We are not just any clinic.

Did you know Breastfeeding Centers:

  • Provide support and education for all types of infant feeding, not just breastfeeding
  • Dramatically increase breastfeeding rates
  • Decrease maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates
  • Encourage the involvement of partners, family, and community
  • Help close the “gap” in care that occurs for new families in the postpartum period
  • Communicate with a family’s entire care team, such as pediatrician, OB/Gyn, WIC, etc
  • Encourage parents to become informed advocates in their families’ health care
  • Promote healthy lifestyle changes that benefit families and communities long-term
  • Address not just feeding, but sleep, bonding, routines, and early parenting too

You can support us:

Contact us to learn more about partnerships, support, and donations.  

We accept donations of new breastfeeding and infant feeding supplies.