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Clinic Visits

Clinic Visits are conducted by a Nurse Practitioner and a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and include dyadic assessment (of caregiver and baby), treatment, education, and referral and prescriptions as needed. After your visit, we provide phone and in-person follow-up until you are comfortable feeding your baby. Visits are covered by most private insurance companies and Medicaid.

Visits provide support on the following issues:

  • Prenatal counseling

  • Evaluation and management of low milk supply and oversupply

  • Management of latch problems including breast refusal

  • Breastfeeding help with premature infants, multiple births and babies with complex health problems

  • Nutritional management of slow weight gain in the infant

  • Treatment of nipple or breast infections including mastitis and thrush

  • Evaluation and management of sore nipples

  • Evaluation of tongue-tie and frenotomy

  • Feeding and bonding

  • Feeding and mental health

  • Contraceptive counseling (including LAM and FAM)