Continuity of Care

We believe in collaboration among providers and true continuity of care at NOBC. That is why, we send a visit report to each of our client’s primary care physicians (both parent and child) after each visit. We will gladly accept faxed reports from your office or discuss cases over the phone, to ensure that your patients get the best care possible. We take care of their infant feeding concerns, so you can focus on their overall health. Please consider us a part of your team!


Continuing Education

As a community of breastfeeding supporters in Louisiana, we can all benefit from ongoing continuing education to advance our infant feeding knowledge and skills. That is why NOBC cosponors a quarterly continuing education series called “Community Breastfeeding Grand Rounds.” This series is provided in partnership with Nurse Nikki NP and Birthmark Doula Collective.  At Grand Rounds, any breastfeeding supporter, from WIC counselors, to nutritionists, to lactation consultants, to nurses, to physicians, are welcome.  At each session, we discuss a real-life and current patient case study, and network to build our community resources.

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