Consulting Services

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Safe Infant Feeding in Disasters

We strongly believe every disaster preparedness team should include an infant feeding expert that specializes in lactation. NOBC staff can assess your current practices, offer revisions that align with the World Health Organization's policies on infant feeding in disasters and facilitate staff and volunteer trainings.


Pump @ Work Corporate Wellness Program

In the state of Louisiana, businesses must provide nursing employees with a clean and private space to pump. NOBC staff can provide insight and assistance in creating lactation policies and an inviting space for clients and/or employees to pump or nurse. NOBC can also provide print resources for mothers that require additional assistance.


Family-Friendly Festivals & Events

New Orleans is known for its many festivals. While many families attend these festivals, many of the festivals are not family-friendly. NOLA Baby Station is a clean, private space for families to feed and change their babies on-site. NOLA Baby Station is sponsored by New Orleans Breastfeeding Center, Birthmark Doula Collective, Nurse Nikki LLC and ChatterNOLA.


Health Equity

NOBC is committed to improving perinatal outcomes by providing safe, equitable and culturally appropriate care. NOBC staff can provide strategies to address racial perinatal health inequities in birth and breastfeeding outcomes.